Lars Thoughts – Why Are The Lefties Ignoring Crimes With Racial Profiling?

When criminals use profiling to identify victims, do you think the police should tell the public? And what if City Hall doesn’t like the idea because the result won’t sound politically correct.  

My sources in law enforcement say that’s exactly what’s happening with a series of high profile crimes committed by young girls. The teenage girls who carjacked multiple cars are 14, 14 and 15 years of age. But police refused to release their names.

Turns out all three girls are black. And my sources say they used profiling to find victims, young white and Asian women, small in stature. They’d sit on the car’s hood, wait for the vic to come out and demand to know why they’re on the car, and then beat down the victim and take her keys.  

But black suspects beating down white and Asian women, that’s the kind of non PC stuff that city hall doesn’t want to answer questions about. Imagine what city hall would say today if it had been three white skinhead boys beating down black or Hispanic victims.  


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