Lars Thoughts – Jeff Sessions Visits Havana on the Willamette

By Lars Larson

Imagine the task U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions takes on with his visit to the sanctuary city known as Portland. For decades Sessions has stood for solid enforcement of America’s immigration laws, as the attorney general of Alabama, as its US Attorney, as a federal judge, as a U.S. Senator and now as Attorney General.

Today he visits the left leaning Rose City where he will meet with local law enforcement that have promised to help criminal illegal aliens evade the law.  The Mayor chickened out on meeting with Sessions, perhaps because Ted Wheeler supports Sanctuary status for illegals. Illegals like Sergio Martinez, who after being deported 12 times from our country came back to Portland and now stands accused of rape.

Folks like Mayor Ted Wheeler don’t want to hear about enforcing the law because they believe in helping the law breakers.


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