Lars Thoughts – Investigate Hillary

By Lars Larson

Hillary Clinton’s crimes aided and abetted by husband bill and former boss Barack deserve investigation. As of this morning, we know that as Secretary of State Hillary signed off on a deal that gave Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium.

We know that those who benefited from the deal paid Bill Clinton half a million dollars for a speech. The Hill reports others paid the Clinton Foundation 145 million dollars for making the deal happen. Then Hillary ran for President, and we know that she and the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders. And we know the DNC and Hillary paid for the invention of a dossier on Donald Trump, mostly full of crazy fiction, to throw the election. The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel suggests today that it may be the Russians who paid for the Dossier to influence the election, in favor of Hillary.  

In other words, the Russian conspiracy that Hillary has been shouting about since last year may be real, except that it may be Hillary who sold out American energy security to the Russians, got her payback from the Russians, and worked in concert with the Russians to throw the election.  If it had worked, she could have buried the whole mess, but because she lost it may end up burying HER!


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