Lars Thoughts: How Much Time Should Barry Do?

By Lars Larson

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I want to offer a few friendly warning for our friends in the Democrat Party.

The inspector general’s report arrives soon. It’s gonna show the criminal activities the FBI engaged in under James Comey and Andrew McCabe and they may even go to jail.

The news broke this week that President Obama shopped around to several banks billions in money laundering for the Mad Mullahs of Tehran. Thankfully, the banks reminded all the President’s men that kind of thing is illegal under the sanctions that were still in place at the time. So Obama had his Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, cobble up a special order to let the Bank of Muscat in Oman do the deed instead, illegally.

Then he lied to the Congress and told them he wasn’t doing it.

That whole Russia/Trump collusion thing…that no one can find proof for? That’s just the cover story and it helps explain why the FBI has been so desperate to sabotage the Trump campaign and now the Presidency.

You see, providing material support for terrorism, as Obama did, is a crime.

Consider that earlier this year, a Muslim convert cop in Virginia went to prison for 15 years just for sending 200 dollars in gift cards to a terrorist group.

So how much time should Barry do for sending billions?



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