Lars Thoughts – More Gun Free Zones, Thanks To Big Government

By Lars Larson

Folks, are we learning anything?

The Lt Governor Cyrus Habib has decided to make the Washington State Senate chamber a “gun free zone”. Does that make sense?

Let me point out that the entire Oregon legislature, House and Senate is a place where elected officials and citizens may carry guns legally, and it’s been that way for almost a quarter of a century with no problem. We also know that statistically, gun free zones like shopping malls, movie theaters and other public gathering sites have been the scene of 98 percent of the mass killings in America. And Lt governor Habib says that his move is aimed at improving safety in the legislature.

Last time I checked, there hasn’t been a problem with folks who carry concealed in the Washington legislature. So, is Democrat Habib trying to make the legislature more dangerous? After all, bad guys often know the rules and if they know that citizens often carry guns legally in the legislature, the bad guys may decide it’s a bad place to stage an attack.  I know its crazy to expect a democrat office holder like Cyrus Habib, who holds a largely useless job, to let facts get in the way of a good democrat gun grab.



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