Lars Thoughts – It’s Easy To Win, When Everyone Is Lined Up Against Your Opponent

By Lars Larson

Yes, Judge Roy Moore of Alabama lost last night and Democrat Party members everywhere can celebrate, but only for a while.  

They managed a once in a century win in a very conservative state. But consider what it took to get it done. Scandalous allegations launched just 6 weeks out from the election date which we will never really know the truth of. President Donald Trump had supported Moore’s republican opponent in the primary and didn’t immediately support Moore. The entire Democrat party threw in for the effort, and the mainstream media certainly didn’t give Moore the benefit of the doubt: he was guilty from the get go.  

Much of the RINO establishment party line up against Moore. So, if you can get most of the significant players in politics from both sides of the aisle and the fake stream media, you get the win. Don’t bet on Doug Jones in 2020 in Alabama cause many of the votes that got him that 1.5 percent margin weren’t votes FOR jones: they were votes against Moore. In the meantime, we need Senator Mitch McConnell to immediately dump the filibuster. A majority of the people’s representatives support the tax plan, the repeal of Obamacare, nationwide concealed carry reciprocity and building a southern border wall.  

McConnell should not let an artificial rule invented by the Senate keep that majority from voting for what the people want, Roy Moore or not.      


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