Lars Thoughts – You Don’t Get A Voice On “Safe Injection Sites”

By Lars Larson

The initiative rights of citizens in Oregon and Washington has come under fierce attack lately.

Last week the Washington courts denied citizens a vote on heroin injection sites because the authority of the state health department apparently exceeds the rights of voters. Now, the Oregon Supreme has ordered a rewrite of a ballot measure on a half billion dollar health care tax. Democrats passed the tax and they didn’t want citizens to vote on it, so they invented new rules for this one, a vote in January instead of November and a special committee to write the ballot question.

Democrats want the money because Obamacare expanded medicaid and left the state with a half billion dollar hole in its budget. The Oregon supreme court ordered the attorney general to rewrite the ballot measure because the current wording is confusing, but the court refused to allow the measure to call the tax a tax, instead it’s called an “assessment” or a “bill for raising revenue”.

I figure democrats know that even in a deep blue state citizens will vote down this new tax, and then lawmakers will have to figure out how to fill the Obamacare hole in the state budget.


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