Lars Thoughts – The Bundy’s Are Deadbeats

By Lars Larson

In my book, the Bundy’s are a bunch of deadbeats.

Yes, the Bundy’s. The folks who inspired an armed takeover of the wildlife refuge in Eastern Oregon. The bunch that beat the federal charges for that escapade, and is now on trial in Las Vegas Nevada.

Yesterday in court Ryan Bundy, who’s acting as his own lawyer, stood up and declared “We don’t pay rent for something we own”. To some conservatives that kind of stance makes the Bundy’s land heroes. Not me. Let’s do a fact check. Thousands of ranchers lease federal land and pay their bills on time. Cliven Bundy, Ryan’s daddy, did that for 40 years until he quit making his lease payments almost 25 years. By the time the feds showed up to shoo his cows off public lands, Cliven owed you and me a million bucks.

Like I said, deadbeat.

Now, Ryan wants to convince a jury that when he and his family steal from the public and don’t pay their bills, they’re justified in taking up arms when the bill collector comes to their door.


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