Lars Talks Sanctuary City Turmoil with Bill O’Reilly

Sanctuary City Chaos in Portland, OR

Bill O’Reilly provided an update on yet another outrageous situation involving crimes committed by an illegal immigrant in a sanctuary city. Last week in Portland, Oregon, 20-times deported illegal immigrant Sergio Jose Martinez, a Mexican national, was arrested and charged with multiple felonies for attacking two women, one of whom is 65 years old.“Here’s the deal,” Bill said. “ICE had asked for the man to be detained last December because obviously he’s in the country in a criminal fashion and he shouldn’t be. Multnomah County, where Portland, Oregon is, is a sanctuary county, Portland a sanctuary city. They let him go!  So two women have been brutalized by this guy.” Bill was once a reporter for a local station in Portland, and knows the area well. While the coastal areas are very liberal, the eastern part of Oregon is conservative.

Bill then brought on Portland talk show host Lars Larson to discuss Mr. Martinez’s alleged crimes. He asked if the local media was covering the story. Lars said they were, and TV stations were actually mentioning that Mr. Martinez was an illegal immigrant, something the local media rarely does, according to Lars. Bill noted many liberals don’t like to point out crimes committed by illegal immigrants because, in their view, it demonizes all immigrants. Larson noted that he thought the media should be tougher on law enforcement leaders for letting Mr. Martinez out of jail despite the ICE detainer request. “It would be like going to a lifeguard at a public pool and say, you saw the kid drowning and you sat there sipping your Coke while the kid drowned,” Lars said.

Listen to the entire interview here.


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