Kaepernick – Player, Protestor,…Art Piece?

I’m not a collector of sports memorabilia, much less a huge fan of most sports. Sure I’ll catch the occasional Superbowl, but I rarely mark it as a holiday.
But now one jersey from the NFL is being considered art. It isn’t Tom Brady, or Joe Montana, it’s the jersey of Colin Kaepernick.
The New York Museum of Modern Art lets you stroll their halls looking at Van Gogh’s, Picasso’s, and now the red Number 7 you probably remember best for sitting on the sidelines.
Modern art is strange, odd, and oftentimes confusing. But I’d like to have someone explain to me how Kaepernick’s jersey could be considered art! Surely there are better examples that donors could overpay for visitors to see in the hallowed halls of the museum.
So if any angry lefties tell you they are mad they can’t see Kaepernick on the sideline this season, just tell them he’s seated in a wing of the New York Museum of Modern Art.


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