Interview: Michael Conner Humphreys, the Actor Who Played “Young Forest Gump”

Michael Conner Humphreys, the child actor who played young Forrest Gump, has grown up to be just as brave as his lovable on-screen character. Just like Gump, he decided to join the US Army in 2004 and spent 18 months on a tour of duty in Iraq. Michael revealed that meeting the Marine Corps during filming inspired him to join the military. He said: ‘Where we were filming was very close to Parris Island, the Marine Training Camp in South Carolina where all the helicopters that were used in the Vietnam scene came from. Unsurprising, his nickname in the military was ‘Gump’. During a recent 10km charity run, members of the crowd cheered him on by shouting ‘Run Forrest, run’. In 2008, Michael quit the army so he could study International Relations at the University of North Alabama.

Today Lars talked with former child actor who played a young Forrest Gump, Michael Conner Humphreys on what he has been doing since his acting career has ended and his time spent in the Army.

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