Illegal Immigration Is A Win, Now Keep Our Money Here

Illegal immigration is down. That’s a win for the American people. But there is another major issue at play here that isn’t being discussed.

The money made by illegal alien workers is being sent back to Mexico, and that money leaving our economy is at an all time high. This year alone, the economy of Mexico will be getting roughly $30.5 billion infused from other nations. So while catching illegal aliens is a win, we need that money to be kept here and earned by hard workers who will in turn spend that money in our economy.

What should we do? We need to make it harder for that money to be exported out of country and ensure that is spent in our nation. When employers sign a paycheck they more than likely expect it will be spent in local communities but instead it’s sent abroad.

Aren’t lefties always backing small, local business? Maybe this is an idea even they can get behind, but I highly doubt it.

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