How Does That Crow Taste?

Obama in Roosevelt Room Budget Meeting with VP

By Lars Larson

I’d love to know how the White House chef is going to cook up that crow Barack Obama is eating today. Earlier this year, the Carrier corporation told 14-hundred Indiana workers their jobs were gone and the plant was moving to Mexico. President Obama’s reaction was retreat. Not Donald Trump!

Trump didn’t even have the nomination yet and he promised to get those jobs back. Obama derided the idea. The fact that you have to ask that, Mr. President, shows why you’ve been such a lousy leader and why average American families have a household income that is lower than it was eight years ago.

Trump has now talked Carrier into keeping a thousand jobs, two thirds of those, we were set to lose here in America. Why Mr. President if you had the kind of negotiating skills Donald Trump has in his much maligned little fingers, you might not have given Iran the bomb, or Syrian murders a pass, or Vladimir Putin so much flexibility. That’s what leading from behind looks like, and America is leaving that kind of cowardice behind.

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