Hillary Clinton’s Historic Nomination

Hillary Clinton

By Lars Larson

America has a new entry in its history book after Hillary Clinton became the first woman nominee of a major American political party. But she’s far more than just that: She’s the first person under investigation by the FBI and facing possible federal indictment to be nominated. She’s also one of the richest Democrats ever nominated with a net worth of 45 million.  Clinton’s wealth is eclipsed by the late Ted Kennedy and and John Kerry, but those two got their wealth from inheritance and by marrying well.  Clinton earned her millions the old fashioned way, through graft, corruption and influence peddling.

 If the Democrats were to give up their rigged superdelegate system, she could be the first to lose to a socialist. The former Senator, Secretary of State and First Lady is also the first person married to a unindicted rapist to earn the nomination of the Democrat Party; She stood by her man no matter how many women he molested.  Doesn’t exactly fit with her claim to be a champion of women, but hey, if the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.


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