What Should Happen When a School and Teacher Conspire to Take Your Kid?

(Pamplin Media Group) A Corbett mother is suing the Corbett School District, the superintendent and other district employees and volunteers charging they interfered with her parental rights by plotting to adopt her transgender son.

Greta Leontiev, a special education teacher in the Gresham-Barlow School District, filed the suit in federal District Court for Oregon Tuesday, May 16. She’s alleging her 14th amendment rights to raise her child and freely practice her religion were violated.

She’s asking the court to force the defendants to stop interfering in her parenting and also wants economic damages of an undetermined amount.

The suit claims that in the fall and winter of 2016 a Corbett teacher schemed to terminate Leontiev’s parental rights and temporarily turn Leontiev’s son over to his estranged biological father. That would set up the teacher to eventually adopt the 10th grader, it said. The child, identified only as FV, is transgender and identifies as a boy.

The teacher accused Leontiev of emotionally abusing her son and not supporting his sexual identity, the suit charges.

The suit names The Corbett School District, Corbett Superintendent Randy Trani and others. The school district’s attorney responded to The Outlook, saying, “The District has acted at all times under the direction of legal counsel in responding to this family custody issue.”

Corbett Superintendent Randy Trani turned down our request for an interview, but Lars spoke with the family’s attorney, Jill Gibson. Listen to their conversation below.


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