A Felon with a Gun Won’t Get Serious Time

By Lars Larson

The voters of the Northwest keep choosing wimpy liberals who never tire of proposing ways to make it easier for criminals.

Last year, lawmakers decriminalized cocaine, heroin and meth. Liberals see drug crimes as minor and victim-less.

Now consider Sara Zghoul…a pretty girl murdered and her body parts stuffed in two suitcases and left to rot in a car.

Her suspected killer, well known to the cops and the courts. Jeremiah Johnson already had a felony rap sheet two and a half years ago when he was caught with Oregon’s new victim-less crime drugs…coke, smack and meth…and a gun.

You’d think that would have put Johnson away a long time, but he got only 23 months. Released from prison last year he immediately went back to drugs, got caught and pleaded guilty.

Yet all he got in September was probation…which left him free just a few months later to allegedly butcher Sara Zghoul.

But remember…the lesson here is that drug crimes aren’t serious crimes…and even in a gun hating state like Oregon, a felon with a gun won’t get any serious time behind bars.


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