A Family Full of War Heroes

American Flag, Memorial Day

Memorial Day honors military members that have sacrificed their lives for America. Every year, in honor of Memorial Day, we try to present a new way of honoring members of the military and their families.  This year, we received a message from Peggy Taylor. Peggy has never served, but her family is full of war heroes. This is the original message from Peggy:

Lars I have five brothers, four of them were career men in the Air Force, all commissioned officers. Johnny led a squadron of bombers out of Italy. They bombed a bunch of German airplanes in the ground. Johnny could tell how many. Johnny said that raid took away German Air Force. For many years until Johnny was 90 and wrote a book, he wouldn’t talk about the war. He told me he thought Germans might come after him. He has had a mild stroke but is still “with it”. Our mom lived to 98. I am pretty proud of 10 vets in my family. Starting with my Dad in WWI. My 4 Brothers WWII, Korea, Vietnam. And their children. And my brother-in-law. Only 2 of my brothers are still living. My sister made a veterans memorial with all of their names on a marble bench in the city park in Myrtle Point. I love our Veterans. Peg Taylor

We invited Peggy on the show to tell her family’s story:



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