The Economy is Booming Under Trump

We’re only halfway through Trump’s first year in the White House and the economy is booming with 209,000 jobs added last month, another dip in the unemployment rate and 1 million new jobs added since Trump took office.

“Today’s job numbers included an uptick in the labor force, especially among women, which suggests that the economy is improving so much that more people are actively seeking work who previously had been discouraged from doing so,” said Iain Murray, Competitive Enterprise Institute vice president for strategy. “That may be because the tidal wave of regulation on businesses has slowed to a trickle. However, we will not start to see explosive growth in jobs until that tide is reversed and the most damaging regulations, like the new overtime rule, are repealed.”

CNN reports that with July’s jobs report, “America has added more than a million jobs since President Trump took office.” While The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman highlights a new survey from the National Federation of Independent Businesses gauging new hiring at the Nation’s small businesses hit a 19 year high as “U.S. small businesses added more workers in July and plan to ramp up hiring in coming months.”

Lars spoke with John Berlau, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute about some of the highlights of the report.



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