Diversity? Democrats Say No If You Have An (R) Next To Your Name

By Jackson Sager

I don’t know why you’d want to join the Democrats. But if you did, wouldn’t you expect the exclusive club to accept you with open arms? Especially if you were the member of a long disparaged minority group?

Congressman Carlos Curbelo, who happens to be a Republican and Hispanic, attempted to join the Hispanic Congressional Caucus. And they said no. Why did they say no? Because they’re worried that Carlos doesn’t support the DREAM Act, his stance on Obamacare and the GOP tax bill. Meaning he thinks for himself. Imagine that.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is made up of all Democrats, and they shared concerns that Curbelo had political motivations for joining their group. It seems like they don’t care for the diversity he adds in the (R) department.

So the Democrats play politics, ignore someone who they could have had as an ally, and in the process played the “race card.”

Congressman Curbelo, aren’t you glad you chose the right party?


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