Debate Interrupted

Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine

By Lars Larson

Even America’s left wingers, like National Journal, thought Donald Trump’s running mate, Governor Mike Pence, soundly trounced Senator Tim Kaine in last night’s Vice Presidential debate.

Kaine looked like he drank one too many Red Bulls as he interrupted, interjected and generally showed Americans, most of whom have never seem or heard him, his real personality. Pence calmly and coolly countered each of Kaine’s lunatic rants.

Pence drilled Kaine on Hillary’s plans to raise taxes, grow the government and even grant Amnesty to illegal aliens, which Kaine confirmed last night.

Pence pointed out that his own record as Governor of Indiana led to cuts in taxes, growth in jobs and a 2 billion dollar state surplus, while Kaine’s time as Governor of Virginia included proposing massive tax hikes, unemployment growth, and a two billion dollar state deficit.

Kaine attacked Trump for taking legal tax deductions twenty years ago.

Pence and the rest of us wondered out loud whether Kaine pays more in taxes every year than the law says he owes. We know Hillary doesn’t, because last year she took the same kind of tax deductions she’s bashing Trump for taking.

And now…here’s Tim Kaine’s 72 Interruptions from last night.



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