Cruz and Trump Have a Sit Down

Ted Cruz, TX
Texas Senator Ted Cruz

After a brutal primary campaign season, many of us wondered about the future relationship between Texas Senator Ted Cruz and presumptive republican nominee Donald Trump. It appears that some wounds have healed, slightly.

Trump was on the Hill today meeting with GOP leadership in an attempt to create some form of unity within the party ahead of the Cleveland convention. Initial reports from the meeting were tense, but Senator Cruz’ office sent out the following statement:

“Sen. Cruz and Donald Trump had a good meeting this morning. There was no discussion of any endorsement. Mr. Trump asked Sen. Cruz to speak at the Republican convention, and Sen. Cruz said he would be happy to do so. Mr. Trump also asked Sen. Cruz for his counsel on future judicial nominations, and Cruz responded he would continue to do everything he can to help ensure principled constitutionalists on the courts.”

The door to unity seems to be open still, at least between Trump and Cruz.




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