Clinton Earns 4 Pinocchios from The Washington Post

By Lars Larson

Democrat Party Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lies like a rug.  But we’ve come to understand that expecting lies not to fall from the mouths of either Clinton is like expecting rain not to fall in the Pacific Northwest.  

A few weeks ago, the director of the FBI testified before the Congress about Hillary’s lies regarding the secret government documents she sent and received on her secret computer in Bill Clinton’s basement. Chris Wallace asked Hillary about that. Check out the 14:41 mark.

That clarification earned the Presidential candidate four Pinocchios even from the left leaning Washington Post.  

I know that for dedicated fans of Secretary Clinton, lying isn’t likely to change their votes.  But for Americans tired of lies from government officials like Jay Inslee, Kate Brown and John Kitzhaber, if you vote for Clinton, don’t expect her to behave differently in the next 8 years.


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