Chuck Wiese on the Media’s Climate Hysteria

By Chuck Wiese
Airline Pilot, Meteorologist, Global Warming Debunker

Since Trump pulled out of Paris, there have been some really good climate hysteria stories that ran in the press which use scary sounding metrics just because the numbers used are large, but they are physically meaningless in proving anything with respect to the climate, yet used to imply we are at a crisis point because of them.

One is related to Antarctic ice melt and the other the “ocean heat” metric that NOAA touts so as to make it look like the oceans are on their way to boiling, when in reality the heat content displayed on their graphs really says the global ocean temperatures as measured by ARGO buoy’s have warmed .14 degC in 32 years, a claim considering the areas they cover and accuracy error are too close to or exceed that number to be able to claim it or use the plotted data.

In short, lying about the climate is at fever pitch to scare the public into believing President Trump is acting irresponsibly and is shunning science.

It is amazing to watch.

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