Cascade Locks Should Welcome Nestle

Bridge of the Gods
Bridge of the Gods, Cascade Locks Oregon

By Lars Larson

Northwest towns begs for more jobs. But they would have more luck if they quit saying “no”. Case in point: Nestle has offered Cascade Locks the following: a 50 million dollar plant to bottle water. The whole investment will be PRIVATE money, not the usual government sponsored “do it on the taxpayer’s backs” approach.

The spring they hope to tap now flows into a creek, and 1,200 feet later its just a drop in the gigantic Columbia river. The Columbia flows into the Pacific Ocean a couple of days later and all that tasty spring water becomes the most useless, plentiful, valueless substance on earth: salt water.

Every gallon Nestle takes out will be replaced with cascade locks city water. Not a drop lost. And it creates dozens of family wage jobs and a huge increase in property taxes for schools.

So-called environmental group plans to ask voters to outlaw the Nestle bottled water plant. Nestle’s been working for eight years to make this happen, just like the companies that have tried to bring the oil recycling, coal, natural gas ports and a lot more. A tiny bunch of “banana” groups say “no.”

B.A.N.A.N.A: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone

 If you want more jobs here, let’s try saying “yes” for a change.



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