Can Hillary Trump The Donald in Tonight’s Debate?

debate trump clinton

We’ve got a lively presidential debate tonight.

It might just be the biggest, most engaging presidential debate in history. One big question will be how Hillary Clinton plans to trump Trump.

She has no option. She’s been falling in the polls for the better part of a month. Some of the polls had her up by 12% points over Donald Trump.

Now, the vast majority of the national polls have Clinton and Trump virtually neck and neck. And a few of the polls have Trump going up and up and up, just like he did in the fall of last year. ┬áHe announced his run and all the politically smart folks said, “Oh he can’t possibly win. This won’t work.” They were looking at it through a lens of conventional politics.

But then he kept winning.

Then he would say something outrageous and he’d go up in the polls some more, even while people were predicting his political death knell.

Up until even tonight people have been saying Trump doesn’t stand a chance.

But it appears all those in the establishment have misjudged the fact that Americans absolutely loves a person who is running for political office, with not his own pocket book to worry about, but about making America number one again.

And tonight, we will see it on display again. The clear choice will become clearer. One candidate who has built her political career from a lifetime of lies or a businessman who understands the plight of the working class, who will do everything to he can to make America safer, greater and prosperous again.



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