Brexit Brings New Meaning to Independence Day

By Lars Larson

In America, we celebrate our Independence Day on July 4th.  In Britain, citizens celebrated their vote for independence from the European Union last week – we should join them.

The issues facing the U.K. are similar to the challenges America is up against. Immigration from the EU is hurting Britain because it steals jobs from citizens. Immigration, primarily from Mexico and other parts of Central and South America is hurting U.S. citizens.  Government regulation and overreach are also issues for the U.K. and for the U.S.

Americans have a clear choice this Fall: Hillary Clinton, who promises to continue the dangerous and illegal policies of Barack Obama or businessman Donald Trump who offers an alternative.  

The Brexit decision by voters should send a message to the elites in all of Europe, and to the elites of America.  America’s elites should remember something:  British subjects are armed only with the ballot, but America’s Constitution guarantees something greater if necessary.  

Happy Independence Day, U.K.



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