Brad Avakian Wants New Power for the Oregon Secretary of State

Oregon's state seal
Official seal of the state of Oregon

By Lars Larson

Can we please talk politicians into sticking to the jobs we’ve assigned them?  My boss, and I’m sure your boss, have no trouble telling us to do the jobs we’re hired to do.  

Politicians can be like puppies; constantly sticking their noses into things that are none of their business.  Case in point: Nigel Jaquiss story on Brad Avakian.  Avakian is currently the labor commissioner where he lately figured his job included wedding cake regulation.

Brad Avakian
Brad Avakian, Commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Now he wants to be Secretary of State, where Avakian says he plans to chase polluters and audit private companies. Both of those functions are, A) not the job of secretary of state or, B) already done by another agency.  

We have mayors of who decide they want to get involved in schools, and Governors who think public restrooms are in their bailiwick.  Most of these jokers aren’t doing the job voters assigned them well at all.  So they invent new things to do.  As their employers, i propose we voters tell them to get back to their assignments, or risk pink slips.


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