The Blame Game: Hillary Blames…Democrats?

You would think that her political career would have made her enough enemies, but Hillary Clinton has a new book coming out where she details people she think are set against her. ┬áThe book, called “What Happened” doesn’t just focus on the people you think Clinton would call enemies, like President Trump or Republicans. She also includes people she despises like Senator Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and even members of the media!

Clinton claims that her latest book is a discussion of her failed campaign. And while the book most certainly seems like a money grab, it’s still surprising to see Clinton call out people you would think would be her friends. There is even disappointment from Hillary over female voters who she felt didn’t bring their full vigor into the 2016 campaign.

We’ve seen a lot of claims from the left on why they lost last year. Whether it’s Russia, the media, or the FBI they always seems to have an excuse.

But now the party is turning on itself, it’s supporters and the media who propped up the Clinton campaign.

What excuse do you think we’ll hear next?



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