The Benghazi Debate is Over: Clinton Lied

Dinesh D'Souza's "Hillary's America"

By Lars Larson

Three and a half years ago, Americans died in Benghazi; no one sent help although help was available; and Hillary Clinton lied to Americans for days about what had happened and why.  That’s the short version of the 800 page Benghazi committee report released this morning that looked into the terrorist attack that killed an American Ambassador and three others and left dozens seriously wounded.  

President Obama and his Defense Secretary ordered that the military respond, but nothing was sent

81 new witnesses gave testimony and 75,000 new pages of documents were examined.  The report found that President Obama and his Defense Secretary ordered that the military respond, but nothing was sent to rescue those who were under fire for eight long hours.  

It also finds that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly blamed the attack on an internet video, while simultaneously and privately telling her family, friends and foreign leaders there was no doubt it was a terrorist attack.  

Hillary lied and people died

Members of the committee that did the investigation stressed the political nature of the scandal; that the lies were told because President Obama’s bid for re-election was only weeks away.  

So, Hillary lied and people died. Don’t even try calling her at 3am with an emergency.  



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