LISTEN: Oregon Teen Reaches Semifinals in Global Science Challenge

Ashley Slater, invented a formula to solve Doppler problems last year in her junior year at Tualatin High School. She recently entered an international scholarship competition from the Breakthrough Challenge. This is amazing news for the Pacific Northwest.

She created a 5 minute video which demonstrates her formula which she named “ARSO”.

Ashley found out on Saturday she has made it into the top 30 semi finalists. There were 2500 students who entered the competition from around the world. If Ashley wins this competition, she will get a $250,000.00 college scholarship, her school, Tualatin High, will get $100,000.00 to build a new science lab and her physics teacher will be awarded a $50,000.00 cash award.

The Popular Vote Challenge is taking place from now until November 9th.   It would be amazing for Tualatin High School to be awarded $100,000.00 to build a new science lab.

I spoke with Ashley today. Listen to the interview below:


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