Why Are Most Of America’s Murders Happening in Just 2% of the Counties? An interview with Dr. John Lott

(Daily Wire) A new study shows that over half of murders in America take place in only 2% of the counties in the country. The study, conducted by John Lott’s Crime Research Prevention Center, shows that 2% of America’s counties had 51% of the country’s murders in 2014; 5% of America’s counties had 68% of the country’s murders. According to Fox News, “If the deadliest 5% of the counties were removed, the U.S. murder rate would be 2.56 per 100,000 people.” In fact, 54% of counties didn’t have a single murder, 69% had no more than one murder and 76% had no more than two murders, per the study. When examining the counties that were responsible for the most murders in the country, the murders were concentrated in specific areas. Dr. Lott joined Lars to discuss what’s behind this disturbing criminal trend. 

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