Cruz and Kasich Admit They Can’t Win the Nomination

Ted Cruz and John Kasich

You won’t find many people who admit they’re losers, especially politicians. Yet, Ted Cruz and John Kasich just admitted they cannot win the republican nomination.  

This weekend the losing pair announced a plan where they stop trying to get the nomination and seek only to deny it it to Donald Trump. They want voters to get involved in this tag team nonsense, as though choice of a presidential candidate benefits from the tactics of professional wrestling.  The Senator and the Governor are effectively asking voters to vote not for the candidate they want, but for the candidate that can deny Trump a win in specific states.  

Here’s how it works: Cruz effectively pulls out of Oregon and New Mexico and invites his supporters to vote for Kasich, who has only won in his home state. Kasich cedes Indiana to Cruz, and instructs his voters to support Cruz instead.  Neither of the moves will get either of these losers the nomination, but they hope to keep Trump from getting it. This despite the last couple of months of average polls showing Trump with more than 50% support from republican voters.

Remember last summer when the New York businessman worried about being treated fairly by the Republican Party?  Turns out you’re not really being paranoid, if they really are out to get you.



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